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Full Circle - Beth's Story, Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Not my property, unfortunately. All rights belong to.... whomever they belong!
Rating: This chapter PG-13/R (overall NC-17)

This is my first fan fiction, so I apologise in advance if it's not up to scratch. Hopefully I will improve with practise! I'm also not great at rating the content, hence the PG-13/R rating!

This story takes place where the final episode left off.

Full Circle - Beth’s Story

Chapter 1

I put my signature to the last of the documents I have to sign, tuck them back into the brown manilla folder, and with a sigh, place it on the desk. I lean back in the chair, closing my eyes for a moment, only to open them a moment later as the painful memories that suddenly arise threaten to overwhelm me. Best to keep busy I tell myself.

Well anyway… might as well get on with it. I’m here to tell you my story, so I’ll begin by introducing myself. My name is Jaqueline Kostan. I’m 32 years old, blonde, and a P.I.. Oh, and incidentally…… I’m also a vampire.

Of course that wasn’t always my name… no, I started out as Beth Turner, back in the days before I was turned that was. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and I’m not sure I’d even recognise myself from the innocent young woman I was barely 6 short years ago. It feels like a lifetime has gone by since I worked as an investigative reporter at Buzzwire. Since I discovered that the world wasn’t the simple place I’d always thought it was; since I learned that vampires walked among us, and since I fell in love with one of those vampires, and my life changed forever.

It all started with Mick St. John…… oh God…..even just saying his name brings a smile to my lips. He came into my life and changed everything. For the first time in my life, I fell wildly, truly, madly in love, with a passion I’d never before experienced. Loving him was like a fever; it burned me up, but it felt so wonderful I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. Yes.. Mick St. John….. that’s where my story begins…..

It happened the day I decided that I just couldn’t do it anymore… that is, carry on trying to make things work as a human in a relationship with a vampire. He’d told me over and over that human and vampire relationships couldn’t last , our worlds were too different, it was too complicated, not to mention the immortality, or lack of it, part. I didn’t care though. Never in all my life had I met anyone like Mick St. John. I’d fallen for him heart, body and soul, and I wasn‘t going to take no for an answer.

That is… until the Emma and Jackson incident. That was when I realised I was never going to be fully a part of Mick’s world. He had shut me out of what was not “my business”. That hurt, to think he didn’t trust me, or care enough about me to share it with me. And when he finally told me how Emma had been executed for a mistake that put their community in danger, and that Jackson had chosen to die with her rather than go on alone, it just confirmed for me that Mick had been right all along. Our worlds were too different. Could I live with that kind of justice? Would Mick ever let me be a part of his life, with all that that entailed? Sadly, it seemed not. I was tired, so tired of trying.

I think back to that night when Mick came to see me, and I can still remember it as clearly as if were yesterday. When I told him “I don’t think I can do this anymore”, he had waited a heartbeat, then turned on his heel and walked straight out. I was dumbfounded. Fighting back the tears as I went to shut the door, choked up with the pain that his abrupt departure had left. I hadn’t expected him just to leave like that, and the empty space was suddenly terrible and felt very, very final. This was it, he was gone from my life for good. Utterly desolate, all I could manage was to lean my head against the wall , close my eyes, and give myself up to the tears already coursing down my face.

I don’t know how long I stood there like that, my heart breaking into pieces for all that I had just lost, when suddenly there was a knocking on the door. My eyes flew open as my head jerked up, and all I could was think was “please let it be Mick”, but I was frozen to the spot, unable to move and face the possibility that it might not be him. The knocking came again, and seconds later the door burst open. I know it’s Mick, even though I don’t turn around. My heart is hammering so hard I can barely breathe.

“You want to know what Emma and Jackson made me realise… that you were right, you were right all along. This isn’t about being a vampire, or a human. This is about us, and how we feel about one another. Right here. Right now. “

A sudden spark of hope is suddenly flipping my stomach over. “The night that we first met, or met again, whatever…. what was I wearing?”

He hesitates for only a second, “Blue jeans, white striped shirt, cream jacket.”

My heart is in my mouth as I spin around. “What about my shoes?”

He looks at me so tenderly then. “You were barefoot.”

I search his face for an answer. “How can you remember that?”

“Because I love you” he says.

He’d said it. Said the words I’d been longing to hear for months now. I stood there for a few moments not quite believing I’d heard right, then I take a step forward and reach up to kiss him. His hand catches in my hair as he bends to kiss me back and my arm goes up around his neck to pull him closer. I feel his tongue against my lips and open my mouth under his. Something tightens low in my belly as I feel the touch of his tongue against mine, and I hardly notice as he reaches out to push the door closed behind us.

Nothing else matters, except that I love him too.


To be continued…..




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